Tin Stabilizer A

Tin Stabilizer A is a Methyl Tin Mercaptide Heat Stabilizer.  It is currently the plastic heat stabilizer with the most excellent performance for the rolling, extrusion, and injection molding of hard PVC .  It performs specially well in two-times processing and long time processing due to its excellent heat resistance.  Because of its high safety, it is especially applicable to food packing and other hard PVC products so as to replace other plastic heat stabilizers that has high toxicity.  Because its stability is much better than other organic tin stabilizer, the relevant products have better performance.  Also it is more competitive on the price than other organic tin stabilizer like Octyl tin stabilizer.  So it has been widely welcomed by many large-scale PVC-processing enterprises, becoming the key adjuvant in the processing of hard PVC.
It is mainly used in transparent hard PVC product such as plastic doors and windows, fitting, decorative materials and heat contracting membrane or other food packing product factories.
It performs excellent in two-times processing and long time processing.

PACKING:225kg PE drum, 18mt/20'FCL or 1.2mt IBC drums, 21.6mt/20'FCL

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